Knox 6-Bar Electric Aluminum Towel Warmer Rack

Life is about the little luxuries, and sometimes the big ones. This Knox 6-Bar Electric Aluminum Towel Warmer falls right in between—a perfect happy medium of luxury. Give your friends and loved ones a perfect extension of their shower, extending the warmth and comfort of the shower experience beyond the edge of the bathtub. As they step out of the shower, they can reach for their towel that is nice and warm from their brand new heated towel rack and wrap themselves up in luxurious warmth. Turn any bathroom into a spa with this little detail.

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Detailed information about Knox 6-Bar Electric Aluminum Towel Warmer Rack

Whoever you give this to is sure to be left wondering how they ever lived without it. Thanks to an innovative and versatile design, this luxurious towel rack can be stationed on the ground or mounted on the wall, so you won’t need to worry about how much space your gift recipient has in their bathroom. Likewise, the towel rack offers simple and beautiful aluminum construction that is sure to complement any bathroom style. You don’t need to fuss with sorting out color schemes or planning out the placement of the towel rack in your gift recipient’s bathroom—you can simply trust that the beautiful design and versatile fit will work perfectly in whatever space they have to work with.