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Harry Potter Mat: Wizards Welcome/Muggles Tolerated

Wizards Welcome – Muggles Tolerated! This doormat is the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan. Do you know someone who has no shame in admitting that they would much rather be at Hogwarts then surrounded by muggles? They need this doormat! Perfectly humorous, this is a great gift that any true fan will love placing outside their front door.

Are you attending a housewarming party and are in need of the right gift? If the happy homeowner or homeowners are Harry Potter fans, why not get them this doormat? As much as this is a gift for the home, it is really a gift that the homeowners will love, as it shows off perfectly their love for the series.

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In truth, doormats are practical items that most of the time can be a bit boring. How many ‘welcome’ doormats have you seen in your day? Probably a lot! While their purpose makes sense, door mats tend to be looked at as practical items that aren’t very fun, and aren’t usually tops on anyone’s list when purchasing a housewarming gift. This door mat changes everything!

Why not take something practical and make it fun? Any true fan will appreciate this doormat, and in fact, it might be their new favorite item! This is an indoor doormat, but in truth, your homeowners will be excited that they don’t have to place this outside so that they are able to see it all the time!