The Harry Potter Remote Control Wand

Most, if not every child, who has seen Harry Potter had wished that a gentle giant would come and tell them that they are going to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. These children probably practiced how to wave a wand and memorized all the spells, in hopes that something magical will happen.

Fast forward to today and these kids are now older, but definitely still Harry Potter fans. And while their fantastical imagination has been replaced by real-world situations, in the bottom of their hearts, the magic they once wished for as children is still alive and well. With that said, we think they will absolutely love this Harry Potter Remote Control Wand from The Noble Collection.

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Detailed information about The Harry Potter Remote Control Wand

It is exactly what it says it is – simply flick the wand and watch your television do as it does with a normal remote, only a thousand times cooler.

You can add up to nine gestures easily, including how to turn the volume up or down, change channels and more. To use the wand, you can mimic the gestures in the Harry Potter films as to how they use their wand – you can flick left, flick right, push and pull forward, do the big swish, clockwise and counterclockwise roll and flick up and down.


Infrared technology

Easy to use