Aervana Original 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

Certain types of wine, notably young red wines and a few white wines need to have the wine aerated before consumption to oxidize the tannins, sulfates, sulfides and various other chemicals within the wine that affect its flavor. Traditionally a red wine is decanted into another bottle to allow a large surface area to get in contact with the air and to remove the sediment in the original bottle so that it doesn’t end up in the wine drinker’s glass.

There are other types of aerators for sale that rely on getting extra air contact by pouring the wine. Unfortunately, this does nothing to help with the sediment. What the wine buff really needs is a pump that will deliver the wine to your glass without any sediment as well as aerating the wine at the same time.

The Aervana Original: 1 touch Luxury Wine Aerator does all these tasks to make your glass of wine a pleasure to drink.

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Detailed information about Aervana Original 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

The equipment fits over the neck of a standard sized wine bottle and with a push of the button, the wine is drawn up the straw and is delivered immediately to the glass while being aerated on the way.

There is no lifting of a bottle, no aiming, pouring, spilling and definitely no sediment. It is the only aerator that makes sure the bottle sediment is exactly where it is meant to be, in the bottle not in the glass. It runs on AAA batteries and comes complete with a user guide.


Leaves the sediment in the bottle while decanting the wine straight into the glass

Aerates the wine to remove the astringent flavors

Easily cleaned

Uses 6 x AAA batteries


Remove the batteries when not in use