GUND Pusheen Stuffed Animal Sleep Mask

Pusheen is the adorable little kitty cat cartoon character that has become quite the internet sensation thanks to the Pusheen comic strips and especially to the sticker sets of Pusheen stickers that are available on Facebook. Almost everyone will recognize this kitty cutey and it is widely loved – especially among the teen and pre-teen audience. That is why this is a great gift for your pre-teen or teenager! It is a sleep mask designed to look just like Pusheen’s sweet little kitty face fast asleep!

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Detailed information about GUND Pusheen Stuffed Animal Sleep Mask

The sleep mask is 7 inches across. This is the perfect size for a variety of different sized people. It is actually appropriate for 3-year-olds and up but is most ideal for pre-teens and older. The Pusheen Sleep Mask is easily placed over the eyes and held comfortably in place thanks to the super soft, padded elastic band that is sewn onto each side of the sleep mask.

The sleep mask itself is perfectly designed to look identical to the Pusheen cartoon pictures. It has Pusheen’s softly pointed ears and super cute face. The shape of the sleep mask further adds to the cute look of the Pusheen sleep mask and it even includes important details like Pusheen’s whiskers and stripes on the top of the head.