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The Crazy Cat Lover’s Handbook: A Human’s Guide To Serving Our Feline Overlords

Any cat lover’s book collection would be incomplete without The Crazy Cat Lover’s Handbook, a purrfect volume for anyone obsessed with the majesty that is cats. This guide for human owners to best serve their feline overloads will make you laugh out loud until your cat gives you that funny look. You know the one. That is only one of the benefits of this comprehensive, hilarious handbook.

If you’ve been searching to find the best gift for your cat-obsessed loved one, look no further than The Crazy Cat Lover’s Handbook. Whether they’ve just gotten their first kitten or are up to their eyeballs in fur, this is a laugh-out-loud volume for anyone who appreciates the special place that cats have in our lives.  

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The author, Stella Rheingold, knows all about being a crazy cat lover so she is speaking through the wisdom of experience. She helpfully (and hilariously) covers not only cat-related history and quotations, but also the basics of getting a new kitty, how to keep a cat friendly house, games to play, grooming tips, and much more to completely cover your crazy cat queries.

You will feel like an expert of all things feline when you’re done reading. You can enjoy this book from the first page to the last or read just one section at a time before your kitty jumps on top of it, demanding attention. Either way, you’re sure to not only find reasons to laugh but also helpful tips and cat-related wisdom within the pages of this one-of-a-kind guide.