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Pavilion Gift Company Bloom Sister Ceramic Tea Pot for One

This adorable tea service for one is the ideal present for that perfect sister. She is bound to love the design, efficiency and most of all the loving feelings behind such a thoughtful gift.

The stunning teapot and cup combo is a great way to tell a special sister just how much she is loved. The original whimsical flower design created by Amylee Weeks is simply delightful.

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Detailed information about Pavilion Gift Company Bloom Sister Ceramic Tea Pot for One

The teapot top of this combination server is adorned with lively and colorful tulips scattered randomly on a field of green.

The spout and handle are done in a creamy off white with a taupe colored lid.

All of these colors come together perfectly and accentuate the zig-zag pattern done in taupe and cream on the bottom or cup portion of this set.

The cup has a creamy off white handle that matches that on the teapot. Just imagine how perfect this service for one would look on a breakfast in bed tray!

The simplicity of function with this steep and serve set is it’s real beauty though.

Just place the tea bags in the top portion and add steaming hot water, put on the lid and place the pot on top of the cup.

This not only makes for a convenient way to carry and serve the tea, but it also serves to slightly heat up the cup before serving.


All in one design, individual teapot and cup in one

Made of high-grade ceramic stoneware that is dishwasher and microwave safe

Comes with message tag perfect for a gift to a special sister