SENFAI Full Rhinestone Pink Flamingo Can Open Bangle

Accessories – that one part in a person’s wardrobe that really takes a normal outfit to a whole new level. With the right accessories, one can really look and feel like a million bucks and elevate their look.

Wearing a simple black dress? Why not adorn it with pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, and some velvet gloves? You will be channeling your inner Audrey Hepburn and we are sure your accessorized outfit will be a real head turner!

But if you are giving a gift to someone you love and they are more into that bedazzled look full of glitters, sparkles, and gold, then we may have found the right gift for them.

Presenting this pink flamingo gift, an open bangle by Senfai, a bracelet that is dainty yet far from simple or minimalistic.

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Detailed information about SENFAI Full Rhinestone Pink Flamingo Can Open Bangle

With a flamingo design essentially made of shiny pink rhinestones, this rose gold cuff bracelet will really stand out in a sea of simple accessories.

The bracelet’s size diameter is 6 centimeters or 2.4 inches and is easily worn by unhooking it from its round clasp, slipping your wrist in and hooking it back on.

Just like that, you can upgrade a simple outfit of t-shirt and jeans by pairing this beautifully made open bangle.


The bedazzled flamingo and rose gold cuff makes it look really expensive even if it is super affordable

Comes in a gift box