Golfing Gizmos Golf Club Brush Cleaner

This beautifully designed, high-quality golf brush cleaner combines a professional grade golf brush and a golf divot tool to form a perfect gift for the golf lover in your life. Well-made with heavy duty construction and a comfort grip handle, this strong and durable item provides cushion to the hand even when applying heavy scrubbing pressure.

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Detailed information about Golfing Gizmos Golf Club Brush Cleaner

Anyone who has spent time on a golfing range knows that their clubs are sure to get some dirt and grass stuck on them after a few shots. This can have a serious effect on the accuracy of a golfer’s shot, and they are sure to be grateful for any help mediating the effect of this unfortunate and dirty addition to their golf game. With this Golf Club Brush Cleaner and Bonus Golf Divot Tool from Golfing Gizmos, you can provide your gift recipient with exactly that.