Whetstone All-in-One Golfer’s Tool

This multi-feature item looks something like a pocket knife, but with different, golf-specific tools. It attaches well to any key ring and is easy to take from place to place. The item’s features include a pocket knife, a brush that is used to clean balls, pen, a ball marker, club cleaning tools, a cleat tightener and divot repair tool. A perfect accessory for any golf lover!

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Detailed information about Whetstone All-in-One Golfer’s Tool

Golfing can be a complicated sport, and many golfers find themselves struggling to juggle all of their gear. On top of all the gear, there are tools needed to keep that gear in top shape. These accessories can start to take up a lot of room in the golf cart too! That’s why Whetstone created their beautiful All-in-One Golfer's Tool - to eliminate the need for a box of random items in the cart.