Changing Lifestyles Shower-Shaving Foot Rest

Did you know that around 235,000 people sustain injuries from slipping in the shower? It can be dangerous if you take the wrong step and accidentally slip. It’s especially hard when you’re standing on one foot, trying to keep your balance. That’s why the Changing LIfestlyes Safe-er-Grip Foot Rest is essential for any home bathroom.

It features a suction cup attached to the back of a foot pedestal. The suction cup can be attached to any dry, non-porous surface like tiles, plastic, and glass. This ensures the pedestal doesn’t fall when weight is placed upon it. Simply, place it against the wall where you want it to be attached, then push on the latch button completely until it “snaps” shut. This means the suction cup is completely attached to the wall and will not come off. It also allows for easy height adjustment and relocation. The foot pedestal is angled down slightly for easier balance.

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Detailed information about Changing Lifestyles Shower-Shaving Foot Rest

This is the best product for shaving. It allows you to put your foot up comfortable and stand against something sturdy. You therefore, have better balance and are less likely to slip and hurt yourself. It also makes shaving easier. Now you can get those hard to reach places with ease since you can move around more easily. It also helps you avoid getting any knicks or small cuts because you lost balance or couldn’t reach a spot properly.

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip Foot Rest is a fun and nifty to gift for any home and shower. Not only does it make showering rituals that much easier, it also makes them safer. It offers a simple and modern design that makes it easy to use and highly function-able. Being able to move it easily in height and placement is really want makes it fantastic. This way it’s usable for everyone in the family. Whether their tall or short, it’ll be at the perfect height.