Creative Romantic Things You Can Do for Your Partner

When you have been married as long as I have (for almost thirty years), you come to understand; it is the little things you do every day, that matter the most in a relationship. There is always a time and a place for grand romantic gestures, but in the everyday living of life it is those little things you do that keep the magic alive. From a kiss on your way in or out, to little notes left for them to find, there are many quick yet creative romantic things you can do for your partner to say ‘I Love you’. Here are just a few that I have found to stand the test of time over the years.

Say ‘I Love You’ every day

It is simply a good practice to say ‘I Love You’ every day. If you feel like it is becoming too routine and being taken for granted change it up a bit. Say ‘I adore you’, or ‘My heart is yours’, or come up with one of your own. Changing it up will get the attention of your beloved and will add that little bit of extra feeling when you say it.

Kiss hello and good-bye

Another good practice is to kiss Good-bye before you part in the morning and kiss hello again when you come home. It is so easy to become busy and then realize you haven’t taken the time for physical contact in a while. Again, if it seems to become too routine change it up a bit. Hold the kiss a bit longer than usual. Make it more passionate. Change the spot you kiss them, try kissing them on the nose, neck, or forehead occasionally.

Leave notes for them to find

If you prepare their lunch put a note in it, or put one on the bathroom mirror, in their pocket, or on their computer screen. Make sure it is somewhere they are sure to find it and be creative. Say something sweet, sassy, poetic, or sexy, change the style each time. Tell them little things you appreciate about them. Thank them for the little things they do which they probably think go unnoticed.

Hold hands

holding hands

As I said before, sometimes we can get so focused on the busyness of our lives that we find we haven’t taken the time to connect physically. When you are walking in the store, across a parking lot, or out for a stroll, hold hands. Hold hands when you are watching TV or eating dinner, at a show, or at church. Give them an extra squeeze occasionally too.

Give a massage

Another great way to connect is to give your partner a massage. Massage their neck while they are at their computer; massage their shoulders, back or feet. Whatever spot you know would mean the most to them. Let them lean back against you while you massage them. The feeling of intimacy this creates is very strong and special.



Do not neglect to pour out the compliments. It is said that for every negative thing you say to a person you have to say seven positive things to make up for it. Let’s face it, when we have had a hard day, are tired, or simply feeling cranky, it is usually those people closest to us we tend to take it out on. So build up deposits on the positive side, but make sure they are true and sincere. There is nothing worse than a false or forced compliment, trust me. Tell them the things you like about them physically, but even more importantly tell them about their inner qualities that you admire, tell them what they mean to you, and tell them about the character traits that you appreciate the most about them.

Physical Touch

Physical touch is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. It can be healing, it can help ease pain, and it can convey love. Tickle the back of your partners neck when you are sitting together. Run your fingers up and down their arm. Tickle their feet, or run your fingers through their hair. The power of these small gestures to communicate affection is unmatched.

Love notes/texts

In the technology age, a love note may take the form of a text, an email, or a Facebook post. It could be a snapchat or on Instagram. However, don’t forget about the age-old paper and pen. Be creative, put it in an envelope, and mail it. Whether you write your love out as a tweet, or write it as a poem; one sure fire way to communicate your love always has been and always will be the tried and true ‘love note’.

Prepare a Bath

prepare a bath

On those days when you know your partner has had a particularly grueling time at work prepare them a bath, fill it with bubbles. Maybe light some candles and put on some soft music. Bring them something soothing to drink while they soak. While they are in the tub throw their towel in the dryer so it is nice and warm when they get out. Don’t forget to ask them if you can scrub their back for them.

Some other quick yet creative romantic things you could do for your partner are; bring them their breakfast in bed, eat dinner by candlelight, have a picnic, look at old pictures together, sing to them, and participate in spiritual practices together. There are many things that you can do to keep that spark alive. You can make sure that your partner knows just how much you care about them by doing simple yet creative gestures that fit into your everyday lives. Whether you are just getting started, or have been married for decades, it’s not difficult to say ‘I Love You’.

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