GUND Pusheen Plush Slippers

Everyone will recognize the face on these slippers! It is the famous tabby cat who became an internet sensation some time ago. These Pusheen plush slippers are really cute and they are comfortable as well. They are suited for all ages and all types of people.  They are maybe most favored by people who love cats but whoever put them on – instantly falls in love with the slippers. They feature accurate embroidered details of the eyes, smile, whiskers and even the tail of the cat.

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Detailed information about GUND Pusheen Plush Slippers

The surface of the slippers is washable and easy to clean from spots or stains. This will allow the user to walk around in them without a worry in the world. The stains that unexpectedly come up on the material would not be a problem at all for these slippers. The Pusheen slippers have a sole that is specifically made to prevent slipping. The have outsole that provides traction for the user.