OLAXER EB501 Hair Straightener

Many hair straighteners can also cause extreme hair damage which leads to frizz and broken hair follicles. But with the OLAXER EB501 you can have beautifully straight hair without worrying about any damage. This is a great gift for girls and women out there. The OLAXER EB501 features a tourmaline ceramic heating plate that distributes heat more evenly while reducing static to prevent any damage to the hair. This straightens the hair and gives it a soft, shiny appearance.

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Detailed information about OLAXER EB501 Hair Straightener

To use the OLAXER you must first comb your hair so that it’s free of all knots. Then, press the power button and wait about a minute until it’s reached the right temperature. However, you can also adjust the temperature by pressing the yellow temperature control button. And the LCD digital display screen, clearly shows what temperature you’re on. Divide your hair into small sections and place them, one at a time, between the straightener. Clamp down firmly and slide the straightener down from the root to the tip in a swift motion so as not to overheat the hairs. Repeat this on the same section and all around until you have the desired look you want.