Firu-Handmade Women Vintage Shoulder Bag

One of the ways to complete your look every day is spicing up with a classy handbag or purse. Not only do you polish up on your style but also have a functional piece to carry around your essentials. More to this, you would need a comfortable bag for your casual looks like a weekend stroll with your friends or a random shopping spree. This Firu handmade leather bag is what you need to brighten up your look any day.

This bag is made by a natural leather treatment process to deliver a product as authentic as possible. Therefore, each piece comes with a distinct color and finish because the raw materials have a variety of surface looks. The finishing process involves polishing up the surface with vegetable oil and curing under the sun. It is lined with durable canvas material to deliver a soft feel for the bag. Also, it has a vintage style and the buckles have a rusty look to complete the design.

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Detailed information about Firu-Handmade Women Vintage Shoulder Bag

With the adjustable shoulder strap, you can have your desired strap length for shoulder comfort. The bag has one small front pocket and three zipped compartments on the inside. This design makes it suitable to keep your stuff in an organized manner and maximize the space. The  bag measures 13” tall by 10” wide.