Original Football Patent Art Prints

Are you related to someone who loves vintage football items or even just a good old football fan? These handmade Original Football Patent Art Prints depict the original patents of a football, shoulder pads, helmet, and pants.

This was back when patents were hand drawn making these vintage patents even more awesome. The hand-drawn lines add a unique factor to this set. The patents were filed between 1917 and 1960 and show the origins and history of American football.

There are four 8-inch by 10-inch prints included in this photo set. While they do not come framed, they fit in any standard 8-inch by 10-inch frame.

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Detailed information about Original Football Patent Art Prints

The prints are original copies of the patent drawings so they have the name of the person who filed it, the name of the item, the date the patent was filed, and even the patent number.

This is an awesome relic of a still popular sport. The copies are meant to be durable and are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. This means they will stand the test of time, just like the products printed on them.