FIVE S Vibration Massage Cushion with Heat

The long hours at the office or the plenty errands a person has to make can leave him or her feeling exhausted. All a person may wish in such instances is a soft knead on the shoulders, feet, and back. But, they may not have all the time to schedule a massage now and then. Why not get a massage cushion to gift your friend or family member who really ought to relax at home? This particular one from Five S is functional and can be a lovely gift for almost any occasion.

This 10-motor vibration massager can be used on the office chair, couch or the car seats. It works for the shoudelrs, neck, back, and legs leaving the feeling of rejuvenation after a long day. It comes with three speeds, 4 programs and an independent on and off button. The cushion is portable and can be fixed easily onto other surfaces.

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Detailed information about FIVE S Vibration Massage Cushion with Heat

The package comes with one massage cushion, one AC adapter, one car adapter, and an instruction manual. The gift recipient can vary the speeds and change the zones easily by fading in and out. Also, you can opt to go by one program or let it switch to the rest simultaneously.