Cigar Ashtray – Cast Iron Hand Antique Ashtray

If someone in your home is a cigar or cigarette smoker, there is often a problem finding an ashtray that won’t get knocked over or one that will look just as good as an ornament as when it is being functional. Finding ashtrays to use on the deck or in the garden is also a problem.

Ashtrays don’t often look cool, because no matter how you try to disguise it, it will always look like an ashtray. What is needed is something that will look like a piece of sculpture or an ornament when not being used, something that is heavy enough to prevent wind from blowing it away and something that is not bowl-shaped. The answer could quite easily be something like this.

The Cast Iron Hand Antique Ashtray from Comfify is ideal to use as an outside or an inside ashtray.

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Detailed information about Cigar Ashtray – Cast Iron Hand Antique Ashtray

It is made from solid cast iron so there is no way that this will blow away!. Its measurements are about 4” x 9” x 2” (10cm x 23cm x 5cm) so you can see that it is large enough to be used as a solid piece of décor when not in use. It is the ideal shape to hold a cigar and the discarded ash as well as cigarettes if necessary.

If no one in your home smokes cigars then why not use it in the entrance hallway to place car keys or loose change when entering the house. There will be no more hunting around to find the keys, they will be exactly where they were left.

There really is nothing quite so beautiful as the cupped human hand and this representation of one is just as beautiful as the real thing, with one big difference, it won’t matter if someone stubs out a cigar in this hand!


Made from solid cast iron

Use as a piece of sculpture as well as a functional ashtray

Use the cupped hand to keep keys, loose change, jewelry etc

Large enough to use as a piece of garden sculpture