FUUT: The Foot Hammock

Most of us would agree that relaxing in a hammock on the beach during sunset would be an amazing vacation. It gives you a chance to unwind as well as take everything all in. You then start to think your vacation couldn’t get any better. Speaking of relaxing, our feet need some R&R from time to time. Those dogs can be barking loudly, and it’s our job to then shut them up. After a long day’s work, a good foot massage would be nice. Sometimes that isn’t an option and we just have to go to bed without taking care of our precious feet and just embrace the pain. What if you could avoid having foot pain all the while being more relaxed at work? Well, there’s a way, and we here at That Sweet Gift know just that thing. We want to now show you the FUUT; the one and only foot hammock!

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Detailed information about FUUT: The Foot Hammock

The FUUT is a ‘normal’ hammock, but instead of using it for your body, it is meant for your feet. Also, it is rather much smaller than a traditional hammock. FUUT is made out of Cotton, Steel, Polyethylene, and Hinoki Cypress. FUUT can come in colors like navy, green, orange, dark brown, pink, yellow, white and red. You cannot actually select the color you want, you get the color picked randomly for you.  The way to set FUUT up is to simply just use the hooks provided and then attach to your work desk. FUUT does not weigh a ton, it is fairly light as it only weighs about 0.6 pounds. FUUT can fit in most desk sizes. The dimensions of FUUT are 25.6 x 6.7 x 0.1 inches.