Knock Knock Notepads: This Week Pad

It’s pretty hard to remember all the things you have to do for the day, let alone the week. Take control of your life with lists. With Knock Knock’s This Week Pad, you’ll never forget an errand!

It features 60 sheets of 6×9 inch papers that contains 6 sections and 7 spaces below each. The 6 sections are divided into the days of the week (Monday to Friday) with an extra space title Next Week. Below each title, there is a row of checkboxes and room enough to write down any things you need to accomplish or want to remember for that day. When you’ve completed that task, you can check the box next to it. This way you know what’ve you finished and what you still need to do. It’s also great because you can plan ahead and possibly even finish things days before they need to be done.

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Detailed information about Knock Knock Notepads: This Week Pad

Knock Knock’s This Week Pad is a great gift for everyone, from young to old. It’s creative and fun, making organization so much easier. Give it to someone who has trouble staying organized like a teenager or college student. It can help them study and keep on top of their homework. Adults enjoy it as well, in the office. This way they can list down all the tasks they need to accomplish before the workday is over. At home, it works great as a chore pad, letting you know what still needs to get down around the house. The elderly can also use it to help them remember things more easily. When they can see their objectives it also helps their life seem more active and can contribute to their overall happiness.