Star Candle Holder

A truly good friend is a very special thing to find in this world. A great friendship should be openly celebrated! The best way to do this is to give your friend a gift to show them how much they mean to you. This wonderful candle holder from the Pavilion Gift Company is the right product to show a special person how much you value your relationship.

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Detailed information about Star Candle Holder

The little metal stand is where you place the tea light candle – which comes with the candle holder. Then, you light the candle and place the top section over the top of the candle. The top section is shaped like a ball but is hollow with an open, flat bottom to allow it to fit evenly on the candle stand over top of the lit candle. This top piece is beautifully decorated. It is a natural, light-brown color. It features cut-outs all throughout it in the shapes of stars. These multiple star cut-outs throughout the sphere allow the light of the candle to shine through. In addition to the star cut-outs, there are also other stars throughout the design on the sphere that appear in a lovely dark color. Small details around the stars accentuate the design beautifully.