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Game Of Thrones ‘Winter Is Coming’ House Stark Sword Umbrella

People either watch Game of Thrones and loved it, or never watched it at all. There is no halfway when it comes to this epic TV show.

And those who loved it, became religiously obsessed!

Now, if you had no idea why everyone keeps saying this slogan “Winter is coming,” it’s because of the show.

But if you are familiar with the House of Stark’s motto, then you should be looking for GOT gifts to remind the fan in your life that the Starks are always right.

Even if the story came to an end, true fans would never forget all the Great Houses of Westeros and the captivating journey to the Kings Landing.

And so, in the spirit of keeping Game of Thrones alive, we believe this umbrella with a molded sword as a handle will be an excellent memory of the show for a diehard fan.

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Detailed information about Game Of Thrones ‘Winter Is Coming’ House Stark Sword Umbrella

Weather forecasts stations have a way of letting us down. This means you need to be always prepared because you never when the skies might open their taps and come pouring down upon us in the middle of the day.

With this umbrella, the GOT fan will always be ready for the rains and amply prepared just like the Northerners.

And since swords were a big deal in this show, the molded handle will always give the fan a great feeling of being part the show and perhaps feel the excitement of holding valerian steel sword in their hands.


A high-quality umbrella made of premium design

Displays the Stark motto and the banner

One size fits most

It's unisex

Wipes clean