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Plant Theater FUNKY VEG KIT Gift Box

No matter if one has never tried growing vegetables before, the feeling of satisfaction and pride when the plants are harvested and eaten is something that everyone should experience. The ability to grow edible plants fulfills a primitive urge within all of us to provide for ourselves and our families. Although this feeling is great and oh so satisfying, it becomes even better when the plants are a bit more unusual than the normal ones found in the supermarket or local farmers’ market.

This little Funky Veg Kit from Plant Theatre is perfect to add a bit of variety to any vegetable meal.

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The kit contains everything you need to grow the veggies from seed so is perfect for beginners or children. The kit includes five biodegradable growing pots; five peat discs that when watered expand to seven times their volume so you just put one into a pot and water it to provide the perfect growing medium; It contains five plant markers so the gardener can be reminded which type of seeds have been planted; and of course it contains sealed foil packs of five different veggies that are slightly unusual in appearance.

The seeds grow into: Purple Carrots, these are a hybrid that combines fast growth with great taste; Yellow Courgettes. These can be steamed or stir-fried or if you leave them to mature and give plenty of feed and water they will swell to a size to rival a pumpkin; Striped Tomatoes. These are unusual but taste great in salads, cooked or stuffed; Red Brussel Sprouts. These are delicious when cooked and will certainly add a bit of color to anyone’s plate of greens; Swiss Chard. These come in a multicolored mix. There are seeds to produce red, white, violet, pink, orange, yellow and gold vegetables.


A useful little gift with five varieties of unusual vegetable seeds

This kit contains everything the recipient needs to start off these unusual seeds

Useful and educational gift for kids as well as the more mature gardener