Evergreen Garden – Solar Frog Lantern

Gift shopping is never easy. But when you are dealing with the weirdest weirdo in your gift list, you might be in for a hard task to get a present that will get a thumbs up. This type of people is usually bored of receiving the same old gag gifts and stocking stuffers and would certainly be thrilled to find something unusual inside a gift box.

If you are struggling to come with up with a unique and interesting gift idea for Christmas, birthday or any other special occasion for a friend or a loved one, then we have a perfect quirky gift idea for you. This quirky solar lantern from Evergreen Garden might look silly and childish, but it’s fantastically cute and retro.

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Detailed information about Evergreen Garden – Solar Frog Lantern

This frog shaped table lamp will not only provide ample and bright lighting, but it will also act as a lovely and unique piece of décor wherever its placed. It will beautifully light up a garden or the patio and always bring a smile to anyone around him who looks his way.

The lantern measures approximately 7”x 6”x 6," and it's uniquely designed into an animal figure. Since its also powered by solar components, this little light lamp is environmentally friendly and energy efficient and will help in saving energy.

This little charming metal lantern showcasing frog design is absolutely eye-catching and aesthetically appealing. It will add a special charm into the garden, patio or deck with green glow illuminating from the lamp which will leave everyone around breathless.


Made of glass and metal

It's sturdy and durable

The solar lantern is energy saving and environmentally friendly

Produces bright green glow

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use

Double up as a light lamp and a piece of decoration