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OxyLED Solar Garden Lights – 3 Pack Solar Garden Stake Light

This product from OxyLED combines solar powered lighting and clear acrylic sculpture to provide a garden feature that will be appreciated by almost everyone. The solar garden lights pack includes three pieces of illuminated acrylic depicting a dragonfly, a butterfly, and a hummingbird.

The lights are fixed to the top of a 30” (73cm) pole and each figurine has their own weatherproof solar panel power source. Everything is weatherproof and water resistant as long as it is not submerged in water (this means they can be used in the rain but not submerged in the garden pond!).

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Detailed information about OxyLED Solar Garden Lights – 3 Pack Solar Garden Stake Light

Unfortunately, the description of the support poles vary and cannot seem to make up its mind whether the stakes are made from stainless steel, aluminum or chrome covered plastic. This isn’t important in the sense that the material does not affect the operation of the lights, but it does affect how the complete unit copes with wear and tear when moving the lights around the garden.

Customer reviews seem to be very consistent in how good these lights are and how well the solar panels charge the battery, even in cloudy conditions. From the reviews, it seems that the solar panel needs about 8 hours of sunlight to provide enough electricity to power the LED for up to 10 hours (depending on the intensity of the sunlight).


The acrylic garden sculptures with color-changing LEDs are perfect for a beautiful garden

The solar panels are efficient enough to store the required amount of electricity from a cloudy sky to power the LEDs for many hours after dark

Both children and adults will love the colour changing fairy tale animals glowing in the garden


The specifications are ambiguous as to the material used to produce the support poles