“Wildly” Original Singing Bird Clock

People who appreciate wild birds and all they stand for, love anything to do with the beautiful creatures. They are colorful, graceful and each one has its own unique voice to serenade the listener every time they are heard.

But what about those of us who like to be inundated with everything ‘birdy’? Birdwatchers or ‘birders’ are those special people who can recognize a bird by its plumage, its habitat, and its song.

This special clock from Mark Feldstein & Associates is the ideal clock for all birders, whether they are die-hards or just ordinary people who enjoy the sound of birdsong.

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Detailed information about “Wildly” Original Singing Bird Clock

This is a great educational tool for teaching kids and adults what common North American birds look and sound like.

The manufacturers of this clock have certainly given some thought to the design of the mechanism because there is also a light sensor that deactivates the birdsong when the room is dark.

This is truly a useful addition as you don’t really want to be woken at 1 am by the sound of the Song Sparrow warbling through your home.

The clock is licensed by the National Audubon Society so you can be sure that your purchase will be doing some good by spreading the word. The clock is powered by 3 x AA batteries while the clock frame is in green matte.


Unique clock featuring 12 images and songs of some of the commonest wild birds in North America

Useful for those who want to learn how to identify birds as well as those who just like to listen

Informative and authoritative text giving data on each bird and its habitat