Plant Theatre Psychedelic Salad Kit

Are the kids bored with eating the same old salad vegetables? Is it a real struggle to get them to eat healthily? Do you have a budding gardener in the family? Maybe one of the kids or even an older member of the family is interested?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, you need to buy them this great little starter kit. The Psychedelic Salad Kit from Plant Theatre is the perfect gift to get either the kids or someone older interested in gardening and growing their own food. The kit contains everything that the recipient of the gift needs to grow these colorful and unusual salad vegetables. They will love getting into planting the seeds; watering and looking after them; making sure they have enough warmth and sunshine; planting the seedlings outside in a pot, planter or the garden and harvesting when the time comes; and finally preparing and eating this wonderful salad with a difference.

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Detailed information about Plant Theatre Psychedelic Salad Kit

The kit itself contains all the items needed to grow these seeds into seedlings: it contains five seedling pots made from peat so they can be transferred into the outdoors without disturbing the delicate roots, just dig a hole and push the pot into the soil; the kit also contains five compressed peat discs which when watered expand to a size of up to seven times their original volume.

There are also five plant marker labels so you know what seeds have been planted and where; alst but not least the kit contains enough seeds to grown five different types of salad veggies.


This is a fun and educational toy for gardeners of all ages. At harvest time the children will be picking and pulling these wondrous edible plants

The kit contains almost everything you need to start off the veggie seedlings

The plants are all GM free

Full planting instructions are included in each kit