Fun Express Resting Cat Stone

The fashion nowadays is to decorate a garden with sculptures and ornaments as well as plants and flowers. The ornaments that are available for the average garden add an extras dimension to the growing areas and add interest even in the middle of winter when the living things are dormant and the garden looks bare.

This whimsical and clever garden ornament is the perfect gift for a gardener. The Resting Cat Stone from Fun Express is just what anyone would want in their garden to brighten things up a bit.

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Detailed information about Fun Express Resting Cat Stone

The cat is made from resin so it is lightweight and very durable, weighing in at about 1.5lbs. It measures about 9” x 4.5” x 4.5” so is a good size for a garden and not too small. Its size means that it won’t become lost in the greenery when spring and summer comes along. The cat’s tail is made from a bendy wire so it can be bent into any shape or position desired and as an added bit of fun the cat has a little song bird perched on its head.

Even if the gardener doesn’t like cats, this is one that won’t dig up the flowers and use the soil as its own bathroom. This resin cat sculpture would be a really nice addition to anyone’s garden and can safely be left outside in all weather. The smiling face will peek out of the foliage and bring a ray of sunshine into their life.


This lovable cat sculpture is made from a resin that will withstand all the different types of weather found in any part of the country

The cat has a lovely smiling face and a cute whimsical expression. The tiny bird on its head finishes off this sculpture beautifully

The size and color of the sculpture means that it can be seen in the garden but doesn’t detract from the overall beauty of the garden

The cat sculpture has a fully bendy tail so it can be adjusted and positioned into any shape that the owner will like