Color Changing Plug-in LED Mushroom Bed Lamp

If you watched the fantasy movie A Bug’s Life, aside from the captivating animation and the unfolding story, you must have envied the ant’s interior décor including the impressive glowing mushrooms through the shafts of daylight that lit up the ant’s bunker. If you loved the mushroom lighting effect, then you are in luck because you can light someone’s world with this LED mushroom night lamp by Rienar.

This night lamp is super cute and cool. It’s uniquely designed with 3 cute mushrooms that will adequately light up space with 3 colors which include yellow, blue and white. It will fill up space with warm, soft and romantic lighting and create the ambiance to set the desired mood. And all this while, you get to enjoy the best flower arrangement as you can insert 3 flowers and 3 leaves to the grass as desired.

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Detailed information about Color Changing Plug-in LED Mushroom Bed Lamp

This light lamp is whimsical and can transform any room or space into an enchanting entity. If your kids have trouble falling asleep because they fear the darkness, then this would be the best companion while they are sleeping and a great addition to their bedroom décor.

The 0.5W night light emits enough light to light a dark space to enable one walk around safely without the need to turn on the overhead lights. And the best thing about this mushroom lamp is that it's not too bright to be distracting. It gives a soft glow enough not to bump into obstacles.



An enchanting mushroom night lamp

Lights up with 3 different colors and a beautiful flower art arrangement

Ideal for use anywhere around the house

It has a low power consumption of 0.5W

It has dusk to dawn feature and automatically goes off