AvoSeedo: Grow Your Own Avocado Tree From a Seed!

Tired of giving the same gift year after year? Why not give someone an avocado tree instead. The AvoSeedo growing system will help anyone be able to grow their own avocado tree in their very own home.

All that is necessary is to peel the avocado seed and place it into the indentation in the AvoSeedo bowl. Then place the AvoSeedo bowl into a larger receptacle, preferably clear in order to observe the changes taking place in the pit and place the entire unit on the counter, tabletop or on a window ledge, anywhere it will get good sunlight.

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Detailed information about AvoSeedo: Grow Your Own Avocado Tree From a Seed!

This tiny indented “bowl” will virtually guarantee perfect results when trying to grow an avocado tree. The patented bowl has a depression in it with a hole. This is where the avocado seed rests.

This bowl actually floats on the water keeping the seed at the perfect depth in the water, no more drilling small holes and inserting toothpicks. This way is a far more consistent method and garners a better success rate with germination.

Be sure to check the water level periodically, and wait until roots appear and the seed cracks and a sprout emerges. This ornamental avocado will grow large enough to replant into a pot with soil and will give many years of enjoyment. This is a perfect treat for all gardeners in your life!


Satisfaction 100% guaranteed

Over the phone help available if there are problems getting the seed to grow

Perfect for sprouting avocado seeds and growing indoors