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Grow Dammit Metal Garden Stake Fully Reviewed

The “Grow Dammit” metal garden stake sign from 81 t Metal Art is a must for anyone who is fed up with the sometimes cantankerous plants that take up room in our gardens. The avid gardener will know all about the sentiments behind this cute garden sign. Let the gardener in your life have one as a gift and you can be assured of a knowing smile as they mentally decide exactly which part of the garden will have this funny sign and instruction to their plants.

The sign itself is handcrafted by the company that is based in South Dakota. It is really only suitable for placing outside as there are sharp metal corners and natural rust that might stain or cut skin and clothes.

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Detailed information about Grow Dammit Metal Garden Stake Fully Reviewed

The sign itself is laser cut from steel and stands about 20” tall. The rectangular plaque measures about 8” wide. The purchaser must remember that as this is made from natural steel it will have a rusty patina that will continue to form until the whole of the sign is covered. Don’t expect the color to be regular as it is naturally weathered until eventually the sign will turn a lovely rusty golden brown.

Because of the rust and sharp edges that may be on the sign, this is not a toy for children to play with and even adults have to be careful not to be cut. Wear gardening gloves whenever touching the sign, just in case!


Beautifully crafted funny sign for the garden

Suitable for anywhere in the garden, planters, pots or window boxes

Great fun and a sentiment that every gardener knows when plants just refuse to grow


Made with naturally rusted steel so be prepared for rust stains on the skin and on clothes

No attempt made to round sharp corners so expect to have cuts to the hand. Wear gardening gloves as a precaution when handling the sign