29 Emoji Faces – Cubicle Accessories

There is literally an emoji for every day of the week as well as one for every mood of the day, and this flip card set of emoji faces lets anyone in the office pick their own. This is the perfect gift for the boss or co-workers, and one size fits all.

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Detailed information about 29 Emoji Faces – Cubicle Accessories

Whether for an office or a desk in a cubicle, the need to personalize our space is always important. This little emoji flip card display allows anyone to choose the emoji that suits their mood and their style at any given moment. This is a fun way to greet co-workers, guests, and customers. Having a good sense of humor is always a great ice breaker and morale booster, and this flip over emoji card set is the perfect way to get them laughing. There is an emoji card to cover almost any mood imaginable.

This flip card easel measures 6.5 by 5 inches and has a folded pleat style easel bottom, allowing the emoji card book to stand up for everyone in the office to see. There are twenty-nine emoji faces to choose from, and all are laminated for durability.


Makes an ideal desk accessory for making a big impact in tiny spaces

Nice idea for the boss to give to employees and the low price makes this item perfect for an office gift exchange

A great way to gauge the mood in the office at a glance and a glance at one of these cards is all it takes to brighten everyone’s day