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Eat Sleep Piano – Gift For Pianists

If playing the piano is everything to you, declare your obsession proudly by using the “Eat Sleep Piano” Water Bottle for your beverages on the go. The phrase is printed in solid black lettering, easy to read even from afar on the glossy surface, giving this bottle a simple and appealing design. The clean, simple white background allows the words to really pop and catch the eye. People will be wondering where you got such an interesting water bottle. If you’re aiming to be more eco-friendly while still getting your recommended daily intake of water, this bottle is an excellent choice to replace disposable water bottles.

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Detailed information about Eat Sleep Piano – Gift For Pianists

The “Eat Sleep Piano” water bottle is made from aluminum to keep the liquid inside cool. This stylish bottle can be your constant companion for hydration no matter the setting, from school to work to home. Capable of holding most any drink, from water to juice to sports drinks, this bottle is the perfect size so that you don’t have to worry about frequent refills. Included with the bottle are two different types of caps which you can choose between depending on your preference. Both types of caps twist on and off for easy cleaning and switching out. One is an easy flow drinking spout for unimpeded drinking on the go and the other has a standard closing cap.