Michael Jackson’s This Is It

You either love Michael Jackson’s music or you hate it. Whichever your preference there is no disputing the fact that he was one of the greatest performers and showmen who ever lived. This Michael Jackson’s This Is It 12 inch LP double album recorded by Michael Jackson is a compilation of some of his best hits and is the musical companion of “This Is It: The Movie”.

The film is made up of footage both intimate and spectacular, taken during the rehearsals for his proposed comeback tour of July 2009. Of course, Jackson died in June 2009 so there were hundreds of hours of footage and musical recordings remaining. These tracks have been compiled and edited together to produce a tribute to his amazing talent. The album also includes a beautiful 36-page booklet explaining all the details that a true Michael Jackson fan will want to hear about.

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Detailed information about Michael Jackson’s This Is It

Because of Michael Jackson’s long performing life, both with the Jackson Five and in his solo career, he has acquired many loyal fans from the early days singing with the Jacksons in the 1960s right up to when he passed on in 2009. He had (and still has) a very loyal fan base who will love to have this great album from Michael himself. The music on offer in this album is a mix of mainly dance music but also some of his quieter ballads so should appeal to a complete cross-section of his fans.

The digital copies especially will provide many good listening hours for the person who likes to have music playing when they run or exercise. Likewise, many people just enjoy closing their eyes and chilling out while listening, while others prefer to have his great music as a background to study or reading in general. Whichever way the listener prefers Jackson’s songs, it can be accommodated by the variety of formats on offer.


This is a superb compilation of some of Jackson’s greatest songs all in one place

The recordings come in vinyl format as well as CD and MP3 formats

There is a free streaming download with every purchase