Personalized Long Distance Picture Frame

When you are in a long distance relationship, you will find yourselves saying goodbye so many times. Not only do the goodbyes suck, but also the distance between the two of you and the time you have to spend away from each other.

It’s not an easy situation for the couple, but life happens, and people who love each other are separated due to work, school, and other commitments.

And so, when you find yourself in a long distance relationship, you have to put a little more extra effort to make each other feel loved regardless of the distance.

One of the ways to do this is through the exchange of gifts. It shows the other person that you are thinking of them, and in return, they get something that will always remind them of your love for them.

This personalized photo album couldn’t say it better!

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Detailed information about Personalized Long Distance Picture Frame

This is a lovely picture frame dedicated to a loved who is miles away. For example, the featured frame bears a heartwarming caption which reads, "Distance means nothing when someone means so much."

This could be what your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, or husband needs to see every day to make the distance tolerable and feel loved.

The best thing about this couple picture frame is that you can customize it with personalized text (up to 40 characters) at the bottom.

You will also need to provide the seller with details of your states (yours and your loved ones'), and they will be included on the picture frame as silhouettes to symbolize the distance between the two lovers.


A personalized photo frame

Engraved with sweet sentiments

Made to last

It can be customized to personalize it

It comes packaged in a lovely white box ready to give as a gift