Crownal Black Tungsten Wedding Couple Bands Reviewed

From the brand Crownal comes this minimal but stunning ring. This product is highly versatile and can make a great gift in a variety of situations. It can be given as an engagement ring or as an anniversary gift! It can also be a promise ring, a Valentine’s Day gift, and so much more. It is designed as a unisex ring so it can fit pretty much anyone. It is available in size 4 all the way to size 16! That also includes half sizes for an even better fit. The ring is also available in 3 different widths to better suit anyone’s personal preference. The widths that are available are 4 millimeters, 6 millimeters, and 8 millimeters.

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Detailed information about Crownal Black Tungsten Wedding Couple Bands Reviewed

This ring is simple and black accessorizing piece made of tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is a tough and durable material and it adds a classic look to it. The exterior of the beautiful ring is a solid black tungsten carbide, which really flatters the subtle yet elegant look of the ring. However, what makes this ring even more special is that on the inside there is engravement that says: “I l Love You”.  A simple but powerful message adds a more personal and special touch to this ring, making it a really wonderful gift for virtually anyone.