Love You to the Moon and Back Funny Socks

How cute and snuggly are these pink socks? Warming up at home next to the fireplace while reading a book or watching TV just got a whole more entertaining, cozy and warm. If you have been searching for a perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, sister, mom, daughter or best friend, then this pair of fuzzy socks should be your pick.

These funny socks are so cozy and soft too. If you are going to find a loved one a special gift, don’t settle for ordinary and boring. And this pair of socks is nothing close to boring; its simply cute, funny and vibrantly colorful. You can be sure that the recipient will receive these socks with a face full of smiles because they are sweet and bear a lovely message on the bottom side.

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Detailed information about Love You to the Moon and Back Funny Socks

The socks are made of 100% cotton material meant to keep the feet toasty warm during the chilly nights. They are soft and comfortable enough to wear the whole night or during the days when one decides to spend the day indoors. The lettering at the bottom works as an anti-slip feature and provides traction against smooth floors making the pair absolutely safe to wear and walk around in the house.

Don't hesitate to give this to your mom, grandma, wife or any other special person whose smile means the world to you.


Pink fuzzy soft with a funny print design

Made of 100% cotton material

Warm and cozy

The print material offer traction