4 Funny Yoga Quotes Coaster Set & Holder

These 4 wooden coasters from Zumatico are quite charming, and any yoga lover will certainly find them humorous. If you have a yogi in your life, whether it’s your mum, sister, daughter or a friend, they will be thrilled to receive this set. They are the cutest funniest little things that would always make people laugh anytime.

Yogis spend better part their time practicing and flexing their bodies with upside down poses in the most serene environment. It would be great if you appreciated their lifestyle by reminding them that life is not always that serious with a gift that will bring a smile into their faces. This set of coasters is the perfect definition of entertaining yoga gifts. They will without a doubt be received with laughter and lots of joy thanks to the hilarious message each of them carries.

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Detailed information about 4 Funny Yoga Quotes Coaster Set & Holder

Nothing beats a beautiful smile, and this set will do just that, not for a moment but every time they are in use. These wooden coasters are not the usual ones you are used to.

The set comes with four wooden coasters which measure approximately 4X4 inches. Even though they have a light feel, they are quite sturdy and durable. They have a nice rustic look, but the color gives them a touch of sophistication and class.


Quality coaters made from wooded sustainable and eco-friendly material -wood

Designed into a unique style with funny life quotes

Easy to wipe clean after use

The wood doesn’t warp

Product backed with a one-year warranty