Clear Glass & Spoon Handmade Cup – Butterfly Rose

When we were young and we used to live in our parent’s house. We could not care less about the stuff we use in the home. Normal, clear glasses are used for drinking water, mugs with random sayings or just straight up plain are used for tea and coffee, and boring, old plates hold the food we are about to eat. These are all purchased by our parents, so we did not really mind as long as we have something to use.

Fast forward to now, and you are about to say goodbye to the good, old 20s lifestyle and enter the thriving thirties. This time, you now have a say in what household stuff you want to buy for yourself and decorate your house with, all while remaining functional. Plain looking mugs just don’t do it for you anymore, because you are looking for some pizzazz and a little bit of quirk to add some life into your home.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, then look no further. We found a really cool item that you will absolutely love and enjoy for years to come – this handmade butterfly spoon and clear glass cup set.

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Detailed information about Clear Glass & Spoon Handmade Cup – Butterfly Rose

This beautiful glass and spoon adorned with handmade roses and butterflies are made of high quality and lead-free enamel, so even if you use it every day, it will not fade or chip away.

This elegant cup and spoon set is will definitely spice up your everyday life by just looking awesome.


High quality and well made

Safe for everyone to use

Has an air of luxury and sophistication despite its fair price point

Available in 4 styles