Loghot Creative Ceramic Cigarette Ashtrays With Lips

This ceramic ashtray is made for the bold and artistic people. This will be a great gift for anyone who owns a really stylish home. It is a unique item that will attract the attention of anyone who will pass by its side. The ceramic ashtray with big lips is an adorable and funny ashtray suited as a gift for any passionate smoker. It can be placed anywhere from the living room to the terrace. People who do not smoke also use this ashtray for when they have guests over. It is stylish, good-looking and humorous at the same time.

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Detailed information about Loghot Creative Ceramic Cigarette Ashtrays With Lips

This is a great gift for all smokers out there. It is also perfect for someone who wants to open a bar and it is looking for unique items. This ashtray can be on all the tables around. Best of all, it comes in 4 different colors. There's deep red, light red pink and purple shade of lipstick. These ashtrays are handmade and ceramic. Their design is not just unique but durable as well!