Marimo Aquarium Kit

Aquatic Arts is a super cool live aquarium store! They sell all sorts of awesome aquarium related products. This awesome product is the Marimo Aquarium Kit. It is a nice and simple gift that has wonderful value to it. For anyone that may not know, marimos are super awesome little moss balls. They are just a cool form of algae that happens to grow into green balls that have a velvety appearance to them. The tiny marimo moss ball that comes in this special marimo aquarium kit is actually called a nano marimo moss ball. So, it is very small for now. However, one of the super interesting things about this marimo moss ball is that it will grow and grow!



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Detailed information about Marimo Aquarium Kit

The marimo moss ball will actually grow so large that it will start to have the “ship in a bottle” affect and people will wonder how it got into the bottle in the first place! The bottle that the marimo moss ball comes in is a square shaped glass bottle. It is 7 ounces, so it is fairly small. That means it will be perfect for decoration in almost any area. The marimo moss ball doesn’t require any special lighting, so one really can put it anywhere. It's also very easy to care for. A person can even use regular tap water to fill your aquarium. It would just require changing out the water every couple of weeks.