Office Gift for Cat Lovers – Moodycards! Office Boujee

“Office Boujee” is the ideal present for the office Christmas white elephant exchange this year or just as a funny gag gift for one of your coworkers anytime at all. Kitty MoodyCards adds an element of animalistic humor to the human workplace by putting hilarious cat faces and poses together with some wickedly funny and all too true memes that sum up the drudgery, monotony, and toil indicative of office work.

From bad hair days to being too tired to work, and living through the longest day ever, these kitty cat memes and pictures portray the lighter side of office life and having this book proudly on display in the office will allow everyone to have a good laugh.

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Detailed information about Office Gift for Cat Lovers – Moodycards! Office Boujee

Here is a book of feline fun that is sure to be a favorite in any office. Cats are one of the most animated animals around – particularly when it comes to looking grumpy, and “Office Boujee” takes some of the most hilarious cat expressions and puts them with a meme that perfectly represents the feline attitude in each picture combined with the hilarity of human office drama.

Whether they are crabby, bored, frumpy, or surly, kitty MoodyCards has a cat face and a meme for that. Find the meme that sums up how the day is going and proudly place it front and center on your desk for all of the office to see and perhaps if the mood is too bad they may even be forewarned! This little book is guaranteed to bring on gales of laughter and lighten up the office on even the most disastrous day.


Inexpensive gift, perfect for the office gift exchange

Twenty different cards so there is sure to be a cat meme to perfectly fit any mood

Sure to bring smiles to everyone's faces, guaranteed