Prefer Green 3D Colorful Butterfly Wall Stickers

Do you have someone in your life that loves and appreciates nature, or specifically butterflies? These simple yet beautiful 3D butterfly stickers are a great gift. There are 38 pieces in this set, all of varying colors and types of butterflies. There are 19 different species of butterflies represented and two of each in the set. There are even two different sizes: 10 pieces that are 7 cm and 28 pieces that are 5 cm which adds a dynamic look to the stickers.

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Detailed information about Prefer Green 3D Colorful Butterfly Wall Stickers

The stickers come flat, but when you install them, you should fold the butterfly to make it 3D. This means it is efficient to send and store. You can arrange the butterflies however you want and in any order. These are great for either a temporary or more permanent decoration. Maybe you are redoing a bathroom to have a butterfly or nature theme. Or a kid wants their bedroom redecorated. If you are a teacher, these are a great addition to a science classroom where they can be utilized as a learning tool. They would even look good as an art piece in a dining room or living room.