SMOKO Orochi Dragon Ambient Night Light

Do you know a child, or maybe even an adult, that can’t sleep at night without a light? Maybe you have a friend that simply enjoys colorful ambient lights in their house? The Smoko Orochi Dragon Ambient Light emits a warm glowing light that automatically shuts off after 1 hour. This is fabulous for children and anyone else that needs a light to help them fall asleep. It’s powered by 3 AAA batteries and an LED bulb that lasts for 100k hours.

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Detailed information about SMOKO Orochi Dragon Ambient Night Light

That’s plenty of power to keep this light powered all night for several days! It also makes it convenient to pick up and move from room to room without having to worry about cords. It is an added bonus for parents concerned about their children handling electrical wires. With this night light, there’s nothing to worry about at all! The shape of the light features a cute, whimsical dragon that shines the light mostly from its belly. It measures around 5x4x4 inches and can easily be kept on a bedside table or dresser without taking up too much space. The light is also fairly bright and can be seen easily from all over the room. They even come in different colors, including red, green, blue and white!