Hapurs Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter

Phone cameras have progressed so far that they are actually 10 times higher quality than old-school digital cameras. Everyday pictures, selfies, vacation photos are now produced in HQ by default. Unfortunately, it is really hard to get a decent picture without having to ask someone else to take the photo. And then different scenarios appear… Someone from us is either missing in the photo or the person being photographed feels awkward because a stranger takes photos of them and things like that. Luckily, Harpus created a Bluetooth and wireless remote control camera shutter that will come to anybody’s help in these kinds of situations.

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Detailed information about Hapurs Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter

This is a perfect solution for people who like to take pictures of themselves. The phone can be set up on something stable, give everyone time to get ready and when everyone is in their places - the user can just click and take a photo that will last forever. This awesome remote has a wrist strap and has buttons for both, iOS and Android phones or tablets. The battery is a button cell which lasts between 6 months to a year. That is about 5,000 pictures shot. The batteries are also extremely easy to charge since the device works on CR2023 kind of a battery. It comes in 6 great colors blue, red, green, white, yellow and black.