Magic Ball! BOOMER VIVI Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

How does a powerful, high-quality, and portable wireless speaker system sound like?  As an amazing gift surely! The Magic Ball Boomer Vivi Bluetooth speaker is here to rock the world and change the audio/musical experience for every person how uses it. The main feature of the Boomer Vivi is that it packs the power, sound quality, and functionality of a much larger and much more expensive portable speaker into a smaller package. The Boomer Vivi is small enough to be carried anywhere and can last up to 5 hours on a single charge. No need for another portable speaker as long as the Boomer Vivi is around!

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Detailed information about Magic Ball! BOOMER VIVI Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Although small enough to literally fit in a pocket, the Boomer Vivi packs a powerful 3W speaker and accompanying subwoofer for maximum volume and quality bass. The Boomer Vivi provides a rich, full, and complete sound that people would expect from a much larger speaker. It is compatible with most Bluetooth devices and even has the ability to support phone calls! It's really hard to find a product with greater sound in a smaller, more convenient body.