FrontRow: Wearable Lifestyle Camera

Thanks to modern world’s connectivity, everyday stories can be told and shared worldwide with ease. Nowadays, everyone can have a platform to tell their story, share their content, and have their voice heard. With the rise of popular content sharing websites such as YouTube, it is now easier than ever to get yourself noticed and get meaningful messages out. What FrontRow is offering with its Wearable Lifestyle Camera is fresh and exciting new way to capture first-person content. This item is a huge advancement to the standard GoPro, and is poised at the cutting edge of wearable camera technology.

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Detailed information about FrontRow: Wearable Lifestyle Camera

The FrontRow offers several hours of capture time at once, and is capable of producing dramatic time lapse video effects. In addition, through the FrontRow app, all content captured is immediately available to editing and sharing on your smartphone. Amazingly, the FrontRow Wearable Lifestyle Camera’s features don’t stop there! It is also capable of live streaming video on popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.