Kisreal USB Charging Station 5-Port Desktop Charging Stand

At times, your office desk becomes untidy because of the many power cords running from the source to your devices. As much as using clips would help, that would not make it less of a mess. Also, you run out of charge, and the worst scenario would be staying off because there aren’t enough ports to charge your phone. Such happens most of the time at home, school or office and it can be frustrating. But with this Kisreal USB charging station, all that would be a thing of the past.

The station comes with 5 USB cords where you can charge up to 5 devices at a go. These could be cameras, smartphones, speakers, tablets, etc. the device is compatible with most brands in the market including Samsung, Apple, HTC, Playbook, etc. This makes it suitable to use in the office where there is a variety of devices to connect. You only need to plug the charging station to the power adapter and into a wall outlet to set it.

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Detailed information about Kisreal USB Charging Station 5-Port Desktop Charging Stand

It utilizes a smart charging function where the built-in intelligent chip provides identification and supplies the right current for charging. More to this the charging station saves space since you can place the devices in between the dividers at the top. This helps you keep an organized desk without having to deal with multiple cords all over.