Epic Bike Rides of the World by Lonely Planet

The problem encountered by most cyclists when planning a trip abroad is to find out whether the proposed route is suitable for bike riding in the first place, and secondly whether it is something they could manage.

No-one wants to go on a 300-mile cycle ride in Ecuador without knowing a bit about the terrain or the weather conditions, right?

A good travel book specializing in cycle tours around the world is probably one of the best sources of information to get. And when it comes from a reputable publishing company such as ‘Lonely Planet’ then you know that the information you receive will be up to date and inclusive of everything you need to know.

‘Epic Bike Rides of the World written by Lonely Planet, is one of a number of useful travel guides published by this company.

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Detailed information about Epic Bike Rides of the World by Lonely Planet

The book is first of all organized by continent. The Americas section follows a family who is biking around Ecuador, another is about following the Pacific Coast Highway in California and Oregon.

Yet another is about mountain biking in Canada and exploring New York and Buenos Aires by bicycle. And so it continues to Europe with routes following famous rivers, traveling from coast to coast or biking on one of the many Mediterranean islands.

Asia's routes include the valleys of Viet Nam, Thailand and even in the Indian Himalayas. Australia and New Zealand are covered too with bike rides in Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria, and Adelaide as well as many of New Zealand’s famous cycle trails.



A wonderful book from ‘Lonely Planet’ about cycle trips worldwide

Everything you need to know about planning a cycling vacation

Lots of useful information as well as a map of each suggested trip