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Bruce Springsteen – The Albums Collection Vol. 1 | Limited Edition

If you know someone who is a fanatic of Bruce Springsteen, you now have the perfect gift for them this coming holiday. Any music fan out there, and we are not only talking of Bruce’s diehard fanatics,  probably has not one, or two but more than three of Bruce’s first albums. That said, it doesn’t matter how many albums of Bruce’s music one has in their collection. This remastered albums collection Vol. 1 1973-1984 is a complete throwback and will be the best thing that can ever happen to any music lover out there.

If your Christmas gift list for this year includes a music lover, you are in luck. This awesome album collection has you covered. The boxed set comprises of remastered editions of the famous first seven albums which were recorded and released by none other than Bruce Springsteen between 1973-1984 for Columbia Records. All of these amazingly popular albums have been remastered, with five of them for the first time in CD format and all seven editions are now back with a bang on vinyl.

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This box is a must have for anyone who can’t get enough of Bruce Springsteen’s music. If you give this remastered collection to a fan in your life, you will certainly witness tears of joy and probably get a bear hug. The sound clarity and the quality of the music are amazingly awesome and anyone who has listened to the older versions, will without doubt note the difference. All the formats, CD, vinyl, mp3 are fantastic, and the quality is completely unmatched. Everything in this remastered collection is excellent.

This collection is the hit. Anyone who listens to it will see that the difference is crystal clear. The voice, the tones, the guitar, everything is all great, clear and with astonishing fullness. All the seven albums are a fantastic recreation of the first original packaging.


The remastered editions are well done, with improved sound quality

The box set comprises of Bruce Springsteen’s seven first albums

The set is packaged with Bruce’s scrapbook, lyrics sheet, rarely seen photos, and other essential memorabilia

It is well designed with wear and tear look